Source: Valley Roadrunner

Water, specially groundwater abuse
August 19, 2013 | 08:17 AM

Seeking assistance and support to encourage exclusive golf clubs from abusing water, specially groundwater. Many county golf courses have gone to groundwater use to pretend they are conserving water, for instance the Maderas Golf Club in North Poway.
Unfortunately because $$$ and Sunroad Enterprises talks the Citybof Poway has turned a blind eye to any type of requirement to ask the golf club to minimize grass of water. In fact, a mr. Jason Martin of the city of Poway said they have a right to all this water, some that would be as far as groundwater from the Lake hodges./San Pasquale area that is for farming.
The Maderas Golf course is seeking to amend their original Cup to not follow county standards in riparian wells nearby. They tell tale tales and Blue Sky Ecological Reservem GReen Valley Civic Association, Old coach and deer valley homeowners, some solely depend on groundwater need outside help.
For the most part golf courses are the biggest users of water, and Maderas has done Nothing to conserve, with minimal use and acres of lush grass.
Any assistance is welcome,
Pam Moore

Pam Moore