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Horse Zoning
September 09, 2013 | 11:21 PM

I would like to thank every horse person for your professional patients while I lead this zoning reform. My words rang strong as I promised to ne the voice for you and your passion of horses. I would also like to thank the outstanding support group that finished the last leg for the founding group " The San Diego County Horsemen's Association" that held it members in private during negotiations with the Grand Jury, State and Federal courts and code inforcment. All of these activities to bring you a new and comprehensive zoning were funded solely by David A. Puchta and Annette Marie Puchta to the tune of 750,000. US Dollars. The county of San Diego paid for the zoning eir and planning department fees. A fundraising event with Supervisor Bill Horn inviting Mr. & Mrs. David A. Puchta allowed a public venue for Supervisor Horn to make the announcement of his support of the reform. Not to mention San Diego County Horsemen's association brought 2/3rds of horsemen and wemon to his vote potential helps. So give yourselves a big hand for being the professionals you always were. In the crux of NIMBY there were no fair ways to complain about horse operations as well. I made sure that was addressed as a fair argument for a ranch to keep tight rains on there housekeeping. Before a neigbor could complain and send a family farm into bankruptcy or worse. I put a lot of thought into my first complaint and it stood the test.

"The Vail is Off"

One Voice
David A. Puchta and Family thank you.

David A. Puchta