Source: Valley Roadrunner

We do not need you Herb..
December 16, 2013 | 07:34 PM

Mr. Schaffer...if I may interrupt your condescending and insulting diatribe for a moment...

A grocery store would be nice, yes. But what you want to build is not a grocery store, it's a mall. Know this, sir, Escondido is not that far away and we do not need you, your stores, or your doggone traffic lights.

This is not about making Valley Center a better place to live, this is about your deep seated desire to fatten your bank account at the expense of our lifestyle and our little community.

With the exception of a greedy few among us we do not want to be another Ramona or Poway. With the exception of a minority who do not give a darn for the character of our town we choose to support our local businesses for they know what it means to live in and love this rural community.

I can promise you this, Mr. Schaffer, I, for one, would never set foot in whatever monstrosity you would foist upon us.


Cecil Stockton

Cecil Stockton