FPPC repeats opinion: Horn can’t vote on Lilac Hills Ranch

Horn reacts to second FPPC letter Fifth District Supervisor Bill Horn on the Thursday reacted to the second “advice letter” from the California Fair Political Practices Commission on whether he can vote on the Lilac Hills Ranch project. The state commission reiterated its earlier opinion that he cannot legally vote on the development. Horn’s response was sent out to the […]

Local agencies prepare for first El Niño storm

With continued storms through the weekend a distinct possibility, and up to three inches of rain in the next several days likely, and meteorologists predicting that the storms will move through Southern California, “like a conveyor belt.” Valley Center’s emergency services are gearing up to respond. Firefighters from the Valley Center Fire Department and surrounding agencies met on January 4 […]

Little Shop of Horrors opens Friday at VCHS

Remembering the man who made it rain

As California remains officially locked in an historic drought and with El Niño on the approach, memories turn to another dry period 100 years ago this month when a Valley Center man was credited — some say blamed — for bringing torrential rains and flooding to San Diego County. Known as the Rainmaker, Charles Hatfield was a folk legend who […]

Roadrunner purchases Times-Advocate newspaper

Roadrunner Publications, Inc., announced Tuesday that it has purchased the Times-Advocate, headquartered in San Marcos, California for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition includes the Escondido Times¬Advocate and Valley Center Times¬Advocate. Roadrunner Publications, Inc., purchased the Valley Roadrunner newspaper, Valley Center’s well-established newspaper, along with the Valley Center Magazine, Boulevard Magazine, and other local publications on September 1, 2015. “We are […]


TREE RECYCLING Christmas tree recycling will take place at the Valley Center Elementary School, 28751 Cole Grade Rd., from December 26—January 12. WINE-TASTING EVENT The Valley Center Rotary Club will hold its 10th annual wine tasting, “The Taste of Romance” on Saturday, February 6, 3 p.m.–5:30 p.m. at the Bordeaux Room at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. The event will include […]

Supervisors vote to update funding for parks; local board gives their two cents

Since 1973 the county has collected Park Land Dedication Ordinance (PLDO) fees from developers to fund park improvements in the area of the development. Changes to PLDO fees have been made since 1973, but the ordinance has not had a comprehensive update or any fundamental changes since its adoption. An update is likely during 2016. On December 16, 2015, the […]

Two cardiac arrest patients’ lives saved the last week of the year

The enhanced Engine Company Paramedic Services on Valley Center Fire Protection District engines saved two lives last week as a result of fast work. Fire Chief Joe Napier issued the following report on Wednesday, December 30. “I am pleased to report The Valley Center Fire Department has experienced 2 Cardiac Arrest Saves this week in our community as a result […]


David eats Goliath (sort of)

Twenty years ago if someone had written the headline “Roadrunner purchases Times-Advocate newspaper,” it would have been (rightly) perceived as being some sort of April Fool’s joke. Rarely in the real world do you read about David not only defeating Goliath, but eating him whole! And yet this week The Roadrunner DID purchase the Times-Advocate and the two newspapers will […]



Editor, Roadrunner: Valley Center Fire Chief Joe Napier is to be commended on his many accomplishments this past year as Our New (“hometown”) Fire Chief. I have been following his articles in The Roadrunner and agree with all your points including the benefit of a small community like a Valley Center having a “hometown”… family oriented Fire Chief. This is […]