Valley Center, CA
May 27, 2022

Cosmic Solar & Roofing

The Shadzis are the proud owners of San Diego’s successful solar business Cosmic Solar, Inc. Like many successful businesses, Cosmic Solar started in a home 15 years ago. In this case, it was the guest house over Bahram and Judith’s garage.
The Shadzis lived in Silicon Valley prior to moving to Valley Center. They had built a home, and their three children graduated from high school in Cupertino. Bahram, president of Cosmic Solar is a chemical engineer with a MS degree in Chemical Engineering with emphasis in Radioactive Waste Management. He had a career in semi-conductors and had designed the hazardous treatment system for HMT Technology’s disk manufacturing building. They had won awards in Fremont, five years in a row for excellence in hazardous waste treatment. That is what attracted him to solar technology. There is no waste.
By 2002, Bahram had three patents in computer disk manufacturing. Even though his patented processes are still being used, he decided on a career change. He accepted a job in San Diego in the Bio-Tech Industry, and they moved to Del Mar Highlands, and later to Escondido. Judith has a Consumer Economics degree from the University of Minnesota. She later received a MS in Education.
Once in San Diego, Judith and Bahram decided they wanted to open their own business. They starting taking classes on starting their own solar business. Bahram’s Semi-conductor experience was a great background for solar technology so Bahram got his electrical and Solar Contractor’s Licenses.
One day Bahram came home and told Judith, “I have seen the most beautiful place called Valley Center.” Valley Center was very green that year because there had been a lot of rain. They found an orchard with a variety of fruits an old barn on it. They first built a large garage with a guesthouse above it. When the recession hit in 2007, they decided to sell their home in Escondido and move into the guesthouse in Valley Center. The first thing they did was call a solar company to install a solar system on their roof. That company then asked Bahram to come and work with them to learn the business. They needed his expertise and he designed solar systems for that company for a couple of years. Then in 2009 they decided it was time to launch Cosmic Solar. Today they have a solar sustained orchard with electric cars and they have no electric bills Everything is run by solar energy.
In 2009 Judith and Bahram started conducting free Solar Seminars at the local library and two families took a chance on them. Then when one of those family’s neighbors saw they only had a $5 a month electric bill they decided to install a system too. After two years their business was growing so fast they wrote to their son Pey to come and help them. He came back from Seattle and he is now their Operations Manager. Cosmic Solar now has a fleet of 12 trucks, two office locations, and 27 employees. Their home in Valley Center was no longer able to accommodate their business so they opened their main office and three warehouses in Vista in August of 2014.
Today, Cosmic Solar is one of the most successful solar companies in Southern California. For the eighth year in a row, Solar Power World has awarded Cosmic Solar for being one of the top 200 roof top solar companies in the Nation. According to Cosmic Solar is #1
The Shadzi family and Cosmic Solar are very active in the community. Cosmic Solar has been chosen Business of the Year twice by the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce for their integrity and their Community service. In 2019 they were given the Heroes of Vista award.
Cosmic Solar has also entered eight award-winning floats in the Western Days Parade in Valley Center, and one Christmas parade in Vista. It is a family affair with the Shadzis. Their daughter Tara helps design the float and sings songs like, “Sweet Home Valley Center” and her husband Chad Harrison takes time to come down and film their float in the parade. Pey’s wife Alison, and their three children and office manager Mary Burdick ride on the float and everyone has a wonderful time.
Cosmic Solar actively seeks to better the community it does business in by participating, donating and sponsoring such events as VC Stampede Rodeo, VC Kiwanis golf tournament, organizations such as the VC Historical Society, VC High School Football, local soccer teams and Little League teams. Comic Solar sponsored two political debates for the Valley Center Business Association, ECOLIFE Conservation, the Valley Center Community Aid Group, Valley Center Trail Association and Christmas in the Valley .Recently they donated $7,000 towards the future VC Art Gallery.
Judith Shadzi was an ambassador for the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce for eight years and now is on the board of directors of Friends of Hellhole Canyon, Western Days, and the Valley Center Business Association.
Additional sponsorships include the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum’s Spring Gala in Escondido, Escondido Arts Partnership Panache, The Hellhole Canyon Wildlife Preserve fundraiser. They also planted a garden in the Children’s Garden in Alta Vista Gardens in Vista and donated and installed a solar systems to the Star Theatre in Escondido.
Solar is recognized as the most economical, most efficient form of energy generation. For a family, it is like having your own small generating facility on your roof or in the backyard generating clean electricity for your home. It is the ultimate gadget and everyone seems to have a really good time with it. Judith says, “Thirteen years ago we had to have educational seminars on solar at the library, but now everyone knows what it is and they all want it.”
During the pandemic things slowed down for a while so they took the time to open a service department, and a roofing department. They officially became Cosmic Solar & Roofing. They are now in their 13th year of business, and have thousands of solar systems on homes and businesses all over Southern California. The solar industry is fast changing and brings new challenges every year and Cosmic Solar has worked hard to bring the latest technology and the best services to all the families and companies they work with every day. The best testimonial is “They did exactly what they said they were going to do,” says Bahram, president and founder of Cosmic Solar.
Check out their website at and their Facebook page and see videos of the Solarman. Call the office at 760-749-1111 and request a consultation and free evaluation of your home or business with no obligation. Cosmic Solar & Roofing is the company that will always be there for you.

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