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How will political correctness evolve?

Just a couple of days ago I read where many of the holidays will either be eradicated or the names will be changed to a politically correct designation. We have all been aware that for the past several years many people will not say Merry Christmas but rather happy holidays. I have just heard that some schools will now refer to the Christmas break as a winter holiday break. My family used to put up a Christmas tree, but today many prefer to put up a holiday tree. I’m sure most Christians will get behind these new ideas. Yea, right.
In the effort to be politically correct some want to alter language and practices which could offend the political sensibilities in matters of sex or race. I think we do our students a disservice when we expunge history to cover up unpleasant truths. When we present an imprecise ideologically driven point of view we are trying to change the past to fit the cultural norms of our time. I believe this is a form of dumbing down our population.
Our history is supposed to be an account of past events that historians have agreed upon. Politically correct history is really the prejudices of those who are currently in power. They care not of the actual truth but rather their version of the truth.
Our relatively young country has had many leaders who made mistakes. These leaders had good intensions and were acting appropriately for the time. I would not agree with many of their actions and beliefs but one cannot erase the good that they symbolized.
This cultural change has affected our very language. As an example, “manhole” is being replaced with the terms “utility hole” or “maintenance hole”. This is an attempt to rid our language of gender references such as “man” or woman. In some circles, a woman with children cannot be referred to as a mother but rather a berthing person. Does that mean there will be no more mom’s, mums or mommies? Would a two year old be reprimanded it they called out for their mommy in the night? It doesn’t stop there. Many companies have rebranded their products to show political correctness. For instance, there will no longer be a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head, they will now be referred to as just Potato Head characters.
Halloween will be a challenge for parents this year. In the past, presidential masks were popular. I’m sure there will be no Joe Biden masks because that could cause a riot or an insurrection. Best stick to the old standard Hobo mask along with a bag hanging from a stick. Oh, wait, that could be interpreted as making fun of the homeless. Forget about dressing up as a witch because that might be an insult to the speaker of the house. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.
When I was growing up, I enjoyed Aunt Jemima syrup on my pancakes. I just thought she was someone’s Aunt that made syrup. I’m sure there will be many more companies that will alter product descriptions to be politically correct. Some have referred to this movement as canceling our culture.
Political correctness has ended up as a weapon to put down or control people or organizations. In my search for PC information and examples I ran across some fairly ridiculous specimens. Here are several I came across.
1. A Seattle school insisted that Easter eggs be called “spring spheres.”
2. A campus Christian club was reprimanded and found guilty of discrimination for requiring its leaders to be Christians. How dare they.
3. Sussex University Students’ Union warned members against using the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ to avoid assumptions about identity. ‘They’ and ‘Them’ are said to be the correct, gender-neutral terms.
4. You can no longer build a SNOWMAN; all beings of snow must be referred to as either snow people or snowpersons.
5. I just found out that my dog is not a shedding machine he is a hair relocation stylist, and he does not gobble his food he eats with eagerness. Who knew?
I came across some funny politically correct words. Being short is now vertically challenged. A lazy person is now motivationally deficient. A dead person is now referred to as living impaired. A dishonest person is actually ethically disoriented. A housewife is now a domestic engineer. Old people are now people of advanced age. Those who are obese or overweight are now to be referred to as people of size. Using the word “guys” is no longer accepted, the words “Folks or People” must be used instead. And so it goes.
Where will this movement go and how long will it endure? Some of these PC terms and phrases are now part of standard dictionary definitions. Languages have always had a history of changing with the times and maybe this will be no exception. However, these changes will not only alter the way we express ourselves but may also modify our outlook on the way we look at ourselves and the people around us. We could either give the impression of being intellectually progressive to the rest of the world or we could appear just plain stupid. As the expression goes, time will tell.

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