Letter to the Editor: BAD DAY FOR A GARAGE SALE

Editor, Roadrunner:
I was excited to wander Park Circle garage sales until I double checked to find the big day was SUNDAY! Whoever decided to organize a sale on Sunday fails to realize that probably 10% of Valley Center attends church! Which is more important, fellowshipping with your neighbors at church or looking at someone’s used “stuff”? Park Circle, just an FYI, but Valley Center garage sales are usually on Friday and Saturday, because these days are best. I hope you all did well and sold a lot of unwanted “stuff”. Meanwhile, consider attending one of our many great churches and meeting your neighbors. You will be blessed!
BILL MACEY, Valley Center


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One response to “Letter to the Editor: BAD DAY FOR A GARAGE SALE”

  1. Tired, Poor, & Trans says:

    This is unhinged. The world does not revolve around you. Go outside and touch grass.

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