Mariner Pool and Spa says ‘Don’t wait until swim season to fix pool’


Local pool repair company Mariner Pool and Spa suggests that late winter and early spring, before the annual swimming season, is the best time to start thinking about updating your pool. 

This local company has been repairing pools in the Valley Center area since 1986. The owner, Michael Leichliter, has lived in Valley Center for 33 years.  Mariner Pool and Spa prides itself on being an honest and reliable local company that people can trust. They have gone through the process to become licensed contractors, which is an important factor because according to the owner, not a lot of pool repairmen are licensed, bonded, and insured.

While Mariner Pool and Spa does do some work in other areas, they are largely focused on helping people in Valley Center. In the past they have done a lot of service, but recently they have been specializing more in repair and replacement. 

They are upgrading pool equipment because the technology is improving. Leichliter explained, “We are taking older equipment and we are updating it. Today you can have everything on your cellphone so you can operate your pool from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. So that’s one of the newer things that we try to keep up with.”  

The company’s staff regularly attends seminars to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest advancements and provide customers with the best automation technology to make pool maintenance easier. They also do more basic things such as tile repair, replacing pumps and motors, and coping work. The only thing they do not do is anything structural. 

Mariner Pool and Spa is licensed and regularly works in both commercial and residential settings to fix and maintain pools. 

According to Leichliter, it is important to not wait, or put repairs off until the weather heats up, because he tends to be far busier at that time. He explained, “Now is the time to think about it. We normally get busy around the first of March.” 

They get particularly busy as the warmer months begin when people are more interested in swimming, but it is better to start making updates and repairing your pool before swimming season if possible.  To learn more about Mariner Pool and Spa or to contact them for your pool service needs, visit or call 760-749-2276.

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