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More businesses get eviction notices

Last week we reported that chiropractor Bob Vertrees, is being evicted from the office where he has practiced since 1992.
Since then The Roadrunner also learned that Spins Coffee Truck, also on the property near the chiropractor office, was issued a notice from his landlord with a rental increase from $300 to $1,200 or evict.
Finally Barbara Meints, (formerly Riggs) CPA, was informed she has until October 15 to move or see her rent raise from $450 to $1,200.
“I was slightly shocked,” said Meints. “It makes it looks like you are not paying your rent. Just out of the blue. I’m paying $450, and he went to $1200 and I don’t even have a restroom in my office.”
Meints who has been at that location for at least 15 years—is cleaning out her office. “Right now since it’s the end of tax season, I’m going to work the rest of the year from home. I’m out looking. I looked at an office and we might be able to work out something. I don’t need much space, no more than I have right now, a desk and a computer.”

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