Valley Center, CA
June 9, 2023

Rotary, VCBA try to bring back pancake breakfast

Everybody loves a cliffhanger. This time the cliffhanger is whether or not the Valley Center Rotary Club combined with the high school Interact Club and the Valley Center Business Association, will be able to rescue the traditional Rotary Pancake breakfast and stage it on the morning of July 3 before the Western Days Parade.
It’s a race against time, according to Rotary Club President Nicky Lovejoy, who at press time this week was unsure whether the Rotary Club and their partners would be able to pull it all off.
Mrs. Lovejoy is in charge of the project for the first time and she told The Roadrunner, “I’m trying to learn.” Currently they are trying to process the applications for food handling permits that each Rotarian who will be handling food must have. Because the last time the pancake breakfast was held was more than two years ago, the food handling permits have expired.
“Many times in the past we didn’t get our permits done until the day before the pancake breakfast,” she confided. “I’m concerned because this time we are starting later.”
She added, “We also don’t know if we will have enough bodies,” she said. “If we didn’t have the Interact kids we would definitely be in trouble.” With no school now there have been no Interact Club meetings. “They tried to contact all the kids through the internet, but it’s during finals,” she said.
It was at the juncture that Faith Much, president of the Valley Center Business Association, came through to help provide volunteers to cook and serve on the morning of July 3, right before the parade.
So, dear reader, this week we leave you with the pancake breakfast still, very, very much alive, but without the certainty that batter will flow, butter will melt, bacon will sizzle, and maple syrup will dribble from mountains of golden brown cakes.
Stay tuned to The Roadrunner and the upcoming Valley Center Magazine for updates.

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