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My wife Kelly and I were able to visit my ailing parents in Ft. Worth last week. It was a culture shock to be back at my childhood home. It was hard to find the right time to visit, when my Mother was awake and alert, and we got to their house around 4 p.m. that afternoon. We waited in the living room as my Dad followed my Mom into the kitchen.
Although Mom was talkative and sounded pretty good, it was taking her a very long time to shuffle her walker into the kitchen. We had the first of several visits directly with my parents. We told my Mom and Dad that something had to change as it was getting progressively more dangerous for both of them living on their own. We worked to tell Mom that she would need to go to a facility, and we tried to reassure our father that he was right to move her. Following up with my Dad, my Mom did not make it but two more days before she became so bad that she could not walk at all, and she was taken to the hospital. She will most likely never go home again.
Many things in Texas had changed since my time there many years ago, but my parents still live in the same home where I grew up, and some of my junk is still there in a closet. It was difficult to see my parents so frail and ailing, and we were prepared for a fight with my Dad over Mom’s care, but the fight never happened. Only visits of love and encouragement. Mom was telling us stories from her childhood that I had never heard before. It was a powerful time to be there at this transition, and to be with my brothers and their families.
Jesus goes back to his home town in our lessons for Sunday. He goes back to his home but he said that the people there would not listen to him. They knew Jesus as a child, but were unwilling to know Jesus the Christ. Jesus was upset with their lack of faith, but he was undeterred. Jesus sends out the 12 disciples telling them to go out teaching and healing, but when they are not received warmly, he tells them that they should simply leave and move on to the next door that would open. Our family is moving on to a new place, where my mother will live in a facility and our Dad will finally get some needed rest. It is always difficult dealing with the dynamics of our family in times of crisis, but I am proud that we were all supportive and in agreement with what needed to happen. Now we just need to keep supporting them with our love. Jesus is there in my home town. I am hoping that he was not disappointed with our lack of faith.
Join us Sunday, at either 8 or 10 a.m. at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Pauma Valley. We are a caring community working hard to love God and our neighbors.
The Rev. Michael Carr
Priest in charge

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