This Sunday’s gospel lesson is the same one that was used for a special conference of parishes which had suffered a split, now over 10 years in the past. Those of us that were left to pick up the pieces were reminded that Jesus can help us through any storm. Jesus calms the waters as the disciples shriek in terror at the huge waves which were close to swamping their boat. Jesus calls for the winds, “Peace, be still!” I wish I would hear that voice every time I get overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Instead of wandering around in a panic, the voice of the Lord comes again, Peace, be still.
We have made it through the storm; now what do we do when we reach the other side? Jesus gets us through the storm, would it not also make sense that he will get on right path, once we have reached the shore? Jesus will continue to guide and direct all those who simply ask him for direction and guidance. Jesus will be our guide and our strength, if we only can strive to put our trust in Him.
Where are the storms building in your life? What challenges seem so insurmountable? When we are most in need of calm and grace, Jesus comes to us and brings us his peace. Can we trust in Jesus to be here for us? Again listen for the voice, “Peace, be still!”
Join us at St Francis Episcopal Church this Sunday at either 8 or 10 a.m.. Come and see who it is that even the wind obeys. Blessings to you.
The Rev. Michael Carr

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