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May 28, 2022
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17th Sunday of Ordinary time Cycle B 7-25-21
Last week in the gospel of Mark, Jesus sees the multitude of people searching for him “like sheep without a shepherd.” Then Jesus proceeds to fulfill a need and desire through his teachings. The people, both need and desire the Word of God and that is what Jesus gives them.
However, in the Gospel of John, something different is described to us. The people are searching for Jesus and following him again with the same hunger for satisfaction, their need for the Word of God; however, they misunderstand that desire. Instead, the multitudes of people go after Jesus in search of the signs which were performed on the sick. They want to satisfy their hunger with powerful magic instead of trusting in faith. So naturally, when Jesus performs the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves as a symbol of God’s power to satisfy their need for His Word, peace, mercy, and ultimately Love; the people think Jesus is a king who will feed them more food and who will conquer their enemies. These people want a free ride, and they want magical power with which to control the world.
Sadly they miss out on appreciating the great opportunity we have as a faithful people. God has given us the ability to be heroes in His cosmic eternal plan instead of being lazy slaves to passion and self- centeredness. Jesus had the power to multiply food, walk on water, and resuscitate the dead; yet, he accepted the humiliation, suffering, and death on the cross for our salvation. He was heroically selfless in his sacrifice for our good.
How often do we fold our hands in prayer asking the Father of all eternity for something in order to fulfill selfish wants; instead of, crying out for the power of the Holy Spirit, the very active power of Love, to come upon us and change us? When we receive communion, do we see the Eucharist as the ritual use of bread, like those seeking magic, or do we see this reception of Christ’s body as an acceptance of His divine holy life?
Do you understand that God has given each of us the unique ability to heroically sacrifice ourselves for His eternal glory and the common good? “He must increase; I must decrease.” John 3:30
Fr Luke Jauregui

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