Valley Center, CA
December 7, 2022

To our readers

We are experiencing challenging times with our printer, who, suddenly last week dropped dozens of newspapers in the county, including ours.
We were forced to scramble to find a magazine printer that could run our two newspapers in a magazine format. That’ll be a collector’s edition, we can guarantee!
We have a certain number of papers that we are required to print in order to maintain our adjudication, which is our ability to print legal advertising. We printed those and mailed them and made both papers available for free online.
This week and for the unforseeable future we are printing on Tuesday at noon because the only printer we found who would take us on short notice didn’t have any print days available on the days and time that we normally print, which is late Wednesday night. So we fully expect to get our papers into our readers’ hands both in the retail stores and by mail.
For the inconvenience we’re automatically adding an additional 2 months to our subscribers who were active as of 9/28.

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