Two arrested in Pala “Snapchat” shooting

On April 16, 2020, at approximately 10:22 PM, Valley Center Substation deputies were called to a hospital in Riverside County for a female juvenile gunshot victim. Deputies quickly learned the incident occurred in the area of Sycamore Lane and Pala Temecula Road on the Pala Indian Reservation. The female victim was riding in a vehicle with her adult male boyfriend and his adult brother to a residence to meet a “Snapchat friend.” At some point, two male juveniles brandished firearms and began shooting at the victims in their car. The female sustained a gunshot wound to the chest. As the driver of the vehicle fled, both suspects continued shooting at the vehicle.

Deputies located a crime scene at the above location and completed a consent search of a residence nearby. Two loaded handguns were located inside the residence and seized. Both the driver of the vehicle and the gunshot victim positively identified two male juveniles as the shooters. Currently, the gunshot victim’s injuries are not life threatening.

Both juvenile suspects were booked into Juvenile Hall for PC 182 (A) (1)- Conspiracy to commit crime (Felony), PC 664/187 (A)- Attempted murder, PC 245 (A) (2)- Assault with a firearm on person, PC 186.22 (A)- Participate in a criminal street gang, PC 12091 -Posses firearm with altered identification and PC 32310(a) -Posses large capacity magazine.

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