VCBA salutes VC Trails Association


This week, the Valley Center Business Association features our partner Valley Center Trails Association, Inc. 

I spoke with Fred Wollman who has been on the board of directors for 12 years. Fred and his wife Kathy are not only active in the Valley Center Trails Association but volunteer for the Palomar Mountain Fire Dept on the weekends watching for fires from the tower which he calls his “other office.” Fred considers himself an environmentalist.

The VCTA’s main purpose is to help implement the trails and pathways called for in the County’s Community Trails Master Plan for Valley Center. The plan is to develop a system of interconnected regional and community trails that are to fill a public need for recreation and transportation, but will also provide health and quality of life benefits associated with hiking, biking, and horseback riding through the County’s biologically diverse environments.

Fred, as president deals with the county by and large. One of their projects you will see people walking on every day is the Heritage Trail along Valley Center Road. The Heritage Trail runs from Woods Valley Road to Cole Grade Road. This trail will continue along Cole Grade Road to the high school when Cole Grade Road gets widened.  There are  plans to eventually connect the Heritage Trail with Star Valley Park.

The Heritage Trail along Valley Center Road is a continuing project of the Valley Center Trails Association.

Another walking path is Sunshine Trail which is an easement property adjacent to the solar farm off Valley Center Road. It is a short trail but has the potential to be connected to Heritage Trail in the future. One nice thing about Sunshine Trail is that it is a quiet road. Another county park is Wilderness Gardens Preserve, located at 14209 Pauma Valley Rd. It is open every day but Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. It has nice flat walking trails with a pond and nature preserve. Hellhole Canyon also has beautiful walking trails.

Just a few of projects that VCTA is working on with the County include Keys Creek Preserve; which will be a natural environmental study. It is 190 acres off of Lilac & Via Piedra. Another project is Rancho Lilac which is 900 acres which could have ten miles of trails that could be designed without impact on wildlife. 

Valley Center Trails is a 501(c)3 tax exempt public benefit organization and always happy to receive donations is are looking for new members. They have a yearly picnic in October with the Friends of Hellhole Canyon Space Preserve and the Vaqueros. For more information, go to their website, and donate or join their organization and be a part of planning and working with the county to create more wonderful recreational trails in and around Valley Center.

View the VC Trails Association VCBA page here. 

Along the Sunshine Trail, which runs alongside a solar farm.

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